Li-Li Lak-Lak
single-channel video, 27:36, 2022 

In the contents of the East Asian workplace, confusion, bewilderment, and anxiety seem to be an invisible epidemic, among young people who are facing career changes.
Under the daily repetition of exhaustion, the tension and contradiction between pressure coming from a family of origin, social expectation, peer pressure, and self-identity are constantly played out in life.
However, these anxieties and self-doubts cannot be easily told to friends and family members, resulting in constant self-repression, and as time goes by, it seems that the motivation and possibility to explore changes are gradually lost.

An office worker living in Japan, a game designer who just changed careers from a band vocalist, and a ship cadet who just finished 13 months of life at sea, are all friends I grew up with.
By recording and stacking our daily conversations, I attempt to induce a process of emotional healing, presenting in prose form our mental state in a generation full of uncertainty and anxiety, and trying to answer the question of whether there are mechanisms for self-healing other than distraction through external entertainment, without crumbling.